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Our Monthly Newsletter - January 2024

What’s Ahead for Alliance for New Music-Theatre in 2024?

We are stepping up our activities this season in anticipation of celebrating in 2024 our 30-Year Anniversary of our humble beginnings as a workshop for local artists to advance their collaborative capacities to experiment in the many art forms of music-theatre.


Opera America’s New Works Forum

Opera America’s annual New Works Forum in New York City has been offered for the last thirteen years. The Forum on January 10 & 11 focused on the process of collaborating on the development, production and marketing of new works and was attended by Susan Galbraith, Artistic Director and Duane Gelderloos, Executive Director.

It was a crammed two days of panel discussions, pitches by individual artists and companies that specialize in new works, “concert-style” sharing of excerpts, and attending full performances in the city. (This year the big outing featured the new work Angel Island by Beth Morrison at BAM in Brooklyn.)


Most would agree, I believe, that the most valuable parts of the Forum are the networking opportunities, not only discovering like-minded artists, establishing or renewing relationships, and finding new stories to tell, but reflecting on what each one of our entities can bring to the table and how we uniquely serve our communities.

OA Scorca.jpg

Our take aways were gratifying and affirmed that our work contributes to the forging of a twenty-first century music-theatre. Whether it’s re-aligning with the principles of this most collaborative art form, thinking “out of the box“ regarding performance venues, cultivating artistic and community partners in co-developing and producing of new works, or launching radical “devised work” collective processes, our company has put in the time and developed experiences across disciplines, genres, intentionally-structured processes, and cultures to tell stories through text and music, sometimes infused with movement and film/video, which speak to our times.


And the field is changing because of work like ours. What was once seen as an old European-derived hybrid art form is now making ‘everything, everywhere, all at once.’ As Marc A. Scorca, President and CEO of OA, so eloquently said, “The field looks less like a pyramidal hierarchy and more like a funnel.” It is the smaller flexible companies like ours that are reinventing the art form and creating the artistic content that is now being adapted by the larger established opera companies.


So why are people still asking, “So, what is opera?”

Susan Galbraith with Marc Scorca, President & CEO of Opera America


Announcing our Live & About Winter/Spring 2024 Season

“Live & About” is a community engagement subscription series curated by the company to different DC area theaters and shows that represent a variety of genres from opera and musicals to cabaret and mixed-media events.

Participants enjoy the experience of attending performances as a group, expanding their appetites and critical appreciation for new forms, and supporting diverse large and smaller companies in our community. After each show, group members deepen their experience by engaging in conversation in a social gathering to better understand the deeper intentions of the show’s creators.

We invite you to come out to our Winter/Spring 2024 Outings. We have arranged an exciting season of five different productions which we will attend each month from February to June. We will end the Spring season with a special Cabaret featuring our company Artists.

More information on the dates and times for each Outing, as well as a description of each production is on our webpage HERE.

To start off this season in February, we will be at Keegan Theatre for Merrily We Roll Along, celebrating Stephen Sondheim, the lyricist and composer who arguably changed Broadway’s story telling style. Broadway recently remounted this work and eluded the curse of past productions. The world seems to have caught up to the charm and poignancy of this work which turns the traditional showbiz musical on its head. Sondheim music and lyrics expertly blend the excitement and energy of a backstage musical with an emotional contemporary story about the importance of staying true to one’s ideals.


In March we will attend Signature Theatre for Private Jones, a gripping, inspiring, and unexpectedly funny world premiere musical adventure based on a true story in World War I.

The Nance at 1st Stage Theatre in Tysons in April is a Tony Award-winning play, filled with music anddance that recreates the vanished era of the naughty, raucous world of burlesque.

In May we return to GALA Hispanic Theatre for The Return of Eva Perón: Momia en el closet. We started our Fall 2023 season Outings with Evita and now we follow Eva Perón into the afterlife when her preserved corpse ignites political scandals and other intrigue.

In June we will experience The Matchbox Magic Flute by MacArthur “Genius” grantee Mary Zimmerman at the Shakespeare Theatre Company: Klein Theatre. We saw Zimmerman’s inventive production of The Notebooks of Leonardo last year and now she conceives a brand-new theatrical adaptation of Mozart’s beloved opera.

We close out the Live & About season with a cabaret featuring performances by favorite company members and friends and selections of excerpts from new works in development, capped off with a reception and end of season party.

More detailed information is on our webpage HERE.


As in past years, we will take groups to midweek evening shows and weekend matinees for performances at these local theaters. When you subscribe to this series, we follow up to confirm which performance you plan to attend for each Outing.


We have arranged the Winter/Spring 2024 Season on a subscription basis with our group discounts at each theater. The group price for our Winter/Spring 2024 Season for Five Outings plus our own Cabaret event to close out the season is $295.


If you are interested in subscribing for this season, please contact us at


We hope that you will join us this season – our 13th year of curating the Live & About series to serve our local theatres and engage our local community in the transformative power of music-theatre.

More information on the dates and times for each Outing, as well as a description of each production is on our webpage HERE.


Featured Artist - Andrew Earle Simpson - Composer, Musician, and Collaborator

Andrew first came to New Music-Theatre’s attention ten years ago as an accomplished keyboardist and music director when composer Maurice Saylor brought him in as a collaborator on "The Havel Project," in a multi-year partnership with the Czech Embassy. Collaborating with librettist Susan Galbraith, Saylor had composed an inventive score based loosely on Havel’s letters as a political prisoner in Soviet-controlled Czechoslovakia to his first wife Olga, and Andrew led the band, The Snark Ensemble, on keyboard, for the debut of Vanek Unleashed 2014 at the Newseum’ Artisphere space.

In 2019, New Music-Theatre commissioned Andrew to write a 20-minute opera based on a Man Ray painting in a series, Short Gems, created to celebrate the centenary of The Phillips Collection, America’s First Museum of Modern Art. When COVID forced the world into a lockdown, New Music-Theatre reconceived and delivered Short Gems as a digital series - 

Check out the original work HERE.

The work and its artists now liberated, we return to re-envision the Caesar and The Mannequin as a stand-alone live with mixed-media performance piece. Its central character and themes – about an autocrat who refuses to relinquish power and seems determined to dismantle a democratic republic – remain eerily relevant.


Andrew is a resident composer for our company. His music delightfully explores interactions with other art forms, and he is especially inspired by the visual arts, dance, and film. He is noted worldwide for both setting scores and improvisational work for silent film classics. As a performer of new music, he is equally at home in concert halls, major museums, theaters, cinema houses, and even on DC’s own Spanish Steps in our first 5-minute pop-up opera.

 Andrew's website  is a treasure trove of his works and interests. 

His forthcoming book on silent film accompaniment, THE SILENT FILM MUSICIAN: MUSIC AND VISUAL NARRATIVE, will be out in March.


Most of all, Andrew is a generous and gifted collaborator, or as we like to say, an artist who “plays nicely in the sandbox.”


As a small not-for-profit 501(c)3 public charity organization, Alliance for New Music-Theatre’s mission is to:

  1. Nurture the creation, development and production of new works of music-theatre

  2. Foster the development of professional and young artists

  3. Engage audiences in the creative process to promote a deeper understanding and critical appreciation of the transformative power of music-theatre.

We need your support to continue to fulfill our mission. There are many opportunities to provide support at various levels by supporting an artist, a production, or general support.


The Donate page on our website has information about ways to contribute. Donate | New Music-Theatre (

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