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Patrick Hale
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Patrick was instrumental in filming and producing the company’s first foray in digital production with the series of Short Gems. The project put together six teams of composers and librettists, each team selecting a painting or other work of art from The Phillips Collection, as inspiration for original pieces showcasing a diversity of artists, cultures, and sound worlds across the spectrum of music-theatre. Patrick demonstrated his creativity, resourcefulness, and collaborative spirit, filming parts of all six pieces in the museum’s galleries, despite the Covid shutdown.

Patrick and co-director Airokhsh Faiz Qaisary are directing the film series “Afghan Women: In Our Own Voices,” for our Afghan Women’s Project. He is also working with Artistic Director Susan Galbraith to co-curate and direct the multi-media expansion of the Jacob Lawrence Project.

Outside of his work with the Alliance for New Music-Theatre, Patrick is an award-winning commercial and short film director based in Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC. He brings his love of world-building and innovative production design to help clients tell cinematic stories that connect with diverse audiences and move people to action.


Patrick is the lead filmmaker and producer at Rooks Productions. He has directed video and animation projects for companies like Discovery Studios, Nike, and Netflix, as well as non-profits like American University, and the U.S. Government. Patrick's approach to each project is hands-on, and, whenever possible, incorporates animation and practical effects.


He is also the author of the children's Book, "Oh, So Many MEs!" and the developer of the new science-fiction adventure game, "Body. Electric.", which is currently in Early Access on Steam.


Visit his website at

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