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Miss you like hell

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

New works of musical-theatre can not only surprise us with pleasurable moments but sharpen our critical faculties as we wrestle with knotty problems, some maybe still being solved by the creators. Here are some questions, mostly interpretive questions, related to understanding creators’ intentions and choices. But there’s one that might just helps us reflect where and how our ears and eyes have grown with what we’ve been to so far in the theatre community and where we are being led. Pick one or two of these questions that might have grabbed you and let us hear from you.

1. The musical first presents the mother as she sings about “Lioness.” Is this an accurate portrait of the woman, or might Quiara Alegría Hudes have had something else in mind?

2. Through whose lens, mother or daughter, are we seeing this story unfold and why?

3. Would you provide three words for each of the characters in the choices the two actresses Karmine Alers (Beatriz) and Valeria Morales (Olivia) made?

4. In terms of the elements of music, set, projections, what is the world of this musical?

5. “Yellowstone” as a song comes in as a reprise in the second half, and what are we meant to make of it? What does “Yellowstone” stand for?

6. In the same Yellowstone scene, there is a scene between mother and daughter before the mother “takes a walk?” What were we to make of this?

7. Is there a stand out song or performance for you? And why?

8. Who are the Castaways and what role do they play in the show through music and dance? What did the music and especially the dance do to advance the story?

And finally…Based on how we’ve been looking at performance forms across the spectrum of music-theatre how did the elements of this musical and their execution come together to realize the intentions of the creators and communicate them to you in a pleasing and powerful way?

For what type of audience is this work best suited?

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Feb 28, 2020

By far and away, my favorite section of the show is in the middle with the 2 gay men who get remarried in the parking lot. I liked a lot of things about the show. The personality and performance of the Mom was mind blowing. Her personality was so strong it almost overshadowed the rest of the actors. Anyway, something happened for me during that section. the dance the couple did was fun and engaging, the song and dance. they really related to the 2 heroines. It brought just the right comic relief. and then there was so much redemption around them helping get the mother out of jail. by far and away the sweetest part of the…


Feb 25, 2020

Commenting on a couple of the questions, this production with its use of the "Castaways" and the focus on the teen's angst was more about Olivia and her evolution than Beatriz. Beatriz portrays herself as a lioness which implies supreme protection of the offspring, but I didn't feel that from either the plot or the character. It was Olivia's blog about coming to the bridge which brought her to get Olivia, but the rest of the journey did not seem to be that of a lioness, but rather Beatriz's desire to keep from being deported. Perhaps this is unfair, but the dancing and the blog to the Castaways reminded me of Chorus Line or Grease more than an exploration …


Feb 24, 2020

The Mom did try to guide the daughter in areas the Dad neglected. She talked to her about baths and clothes. She also discussed sexuality issues, which is rare for any parent to tackle. The daughter's apprearance did change throughout the show which indicated to me she was bonding with Mom. I was disappointed that although the daughter's appearance improved, her outfit at the end was "so girly," but maybe that was her choice and not the author's image of an ideal teen.

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