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Matty Griffiths
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Glad to be on board and help however I can.  I feel like we have met under different circumstances, maybe in passing but, the more I recall your voices and faces I feel we have met before. So anyway, to the matter at hand - why don’t I start with a bit of a bio that you asked for.


I have been involved with DC Theatre, mostly small theatre companies, since around 1999/2000 as an actor pursuing additional training at Studio’s Acting School. Through that training, contacts & fate - my career expanded and the years since have been spent, acting, directing, producing and more, in the following ways...


Actor’s Theatre of Washington, Associate Artistic Director, 2003-2006

-- producing a four show season and outreach focused on LGBT theatre, issues, artists & community.

-- additionally, Managing Director 2005-2006

City Artistic Partnerships, Founder/Executive Director, 2008-2015

-- creating, producing and supporting new works from local theatre artists and start up theatre arts organizations.


Food & Beverage Manager; Chef, Capital Fringe Festival, 2009 - 2015

--manage planning, organization integration, site adaptation, menu (food, alcohol & non-alc bev), product & equipment acquisition, staffing, security, ABRA & MPD contact; training, & vendor relations, as related to the tent bar/grill pop-up operations each summer

--created and expanded product sponsorship program to reduce overhead, increase visibility and increase revenue.

Carpentry experience, beyond production needs filled during and since the execution of the above opportunities...

Build out & strike crew of venues and facilities, Carpenter, Capital Fringe Festival 2008-2011

Tech Director, Carpenter, Production Manager(season dependent) - The In Series 2007/present 

Load in/Load out crew, Driver - Theatre J - 2017/present 

Lead Carpenter - Spooky Action - 2018/present

Lead Carpenter - Capital Fringe - 2018 festival

Regular carpentry gigs - Gala Theatre, Avante Bard, The In-Series - 2017/present 

Occasional Over Hire carpentry, 2008/present 


Director & Actor gigs, 2000/present - Director &/or Acting resume available on request.

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