On the road to arivaca

A Chamber Work of Music-Theatre

At the heart of the On the Road to Arivaca project, Alliance has embarked on a community engagement initiative in partnership with other local cultural organizations:

- GALA Hispanic Theatre   -  IN Series   -  The Mexican Cultural Institute  -  Sitar Community Center

 -  and Saint Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church.

As an integral part of the Road to Arivaca project,  the Youth Chorus de la comunidad will also provide additional opportunities for the young participants to sing and become strong, proud members of a multi-lingual (Spanish, English, and music-reading) community. The inaugural year-long program will also support students in developing their own creative expressions through storytelling, improvisation, writing and even composing.

Participation is FREE!


Registration form for the Youth Chorus available HERE.


Two Class sessions each week starting the week of September 13

- Mondays   5 - 6:15 p.m. focusing on choral instruction

- Thursdays.  5 - 6:15 p.m. Storytelling, Improv, and Individual Creative Expressions


Sponsored by Saint Stephen Church and Alliance for New Music-Theatre


All classes will be held at Saint Stephen, 1525 Newton Street, NW (corner of 16th Street) NW, DC 20010

Registration now open for 4th-8th Graders.  CLICK HERE.


The chamber opera On the Road to Arivaca will help remind us of the courage young people have to face the desert and other dangers to get to safety and build a new life and the heartbreak of children separated from families.


The work has already attracted interest from other artists and communities, including Los Angeles and Mexico City.


History of Project:

Alliance for New Music-Theatre creative team members including poet Larry Ortiz, Composer Rosino Serrano, and Librettist Susan Galbraith, have taken more than four years to travel to the border, research, and hold conversations with diverse groups about how the themes of Refugees, Migration and Restoration play out on both sides of the border and in our nation’s capital. Company member believe as citizen artists we must develop a response to this on-going crisis and do what we do best: create a vehicle where drama tells the human story and music breaks open hearts:

Changing the conversation through the arts.

We are pleased to announce that our Composer, Rosino Serrano has just been nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Arrangement.