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The CAbaret Series

Cabaret, Cocktails & Conversation

An exploration into what makes for an optimal cabaret experience

A Curated Series Giving Company Artists Opportunity to Design and Perform in Own Evening


The series will be launched June 23, 2024 as our ending program of this season’s Live & About that will be co-curated and performed by Alan Naylor and Daniel Smith.

The event will take place at The Arts Club, DC’s oldest continuing cultural club and not-for profit organization. 


What can you expect in the series and New Music-Theatre’s exploratory foray into this genre? We want you to assist us as we weigh in on the question, “What Is cabaret?” And more particularly, “What makes for an optimal cabaret experience?” We may feature, in the process, culturally international sounds and interpretations and even cross-disciplinary approaches. All bets are on that there will be transgressive themes, adult beverages, and a whole lot of fun when the artists invited in break the fourth wall and make their personal statements in this form.

You won’t want to miss up-to-date original cabaret songs, some newly minted for our series, and addressing peculiarly DC themes.


We are so proud to be joined by courageous, sometimes outrageous artists. In addition to  Alan and Daniel and surprise guests, we will be welcoming in our kick-off season Cuban-born artists Ernesto Lima-Paretz and Leo Herrera, Women-in-Jazz leader Amy Bormet, and a Songbird coming off her two-year tour of Tina, the Musical, Ms. Roz White herself (See our Featured Artist this month.)

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