Board of DiRectors

Melinda Murray

President of the Board

Liaison for the Afghan Project

Associate General Counsel for Holy Cross Health - retired

Robert Darling

Robert Darling.jpg
Vice President

Founding Member of Alliance for New Music-Theatre

Freelance Designer and Director of Opera and Dance

Greg Williams


44 year career in Financial Services Industry - Retired


Robert Enholm

Liaison for Strategic Institute and Museum Partnerships

Fellow at Wilson Center & Former Director of President Woodrow Wilson House


CeCilia Otero

Liaison for On the Road to Arivaca

Manages education and exchange programs dedicated to serving vulnerable communities throughout the world.


J Paul Lewis

Liaison for Architecture, Venue and Design

Architecture lead at Dewberry, Lighting Designer

J Paul Lewis.jpg

Catherine Able-Thomas

Secretary and Advisor for Social Media

Congressional Relations Specialist, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress

Catherine Able-Thomas.jpg

Mercedes García Pérez

Liaison for International NGO Collaborations

Head of Global Issues & Innovation with the Delegation of the EU

Mercedes Garcia Perez.jpg

lisa foster cohen

Liaison for City Government Relations

Entrepreneur, writer, inspirational speaker and professional boxer


N Tom Pedersen

Liaison for Artistic Membership & Development

Singer, Music Director, Teacher, Producer


Duane Gelderloos

Executive Director

Program Manager & Enterprise Architecture Consultant

Duane Gelderloos.jpg