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Rosino Serrano

We are pleased to announce that Rosino Serrano has just been nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Arrangement.

Rosino is our Composer for our new Opera - On the Road to Arivaca, which portrays the plight of Central American immigrants forced to escape deadly political and economic systems. Rosino heads up our bi-cultural artistic team that includes a LatinX Community Children’s Chorus to humanize the story of unintended encounters on our southern border, and the heartbreak of children separated from families and fleeing danger.

We are developing On the Road to Arivaca, in partnership with local DC organizations, including the Mexican Cultural Institute, The piece will be mounted in Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.

Born in Spain, Rosino Serrano has been part of the musical scene of Mexico since the early 80’s, and, for the last two decades, he has shared his professional life between New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City. Either as a composer, arranger, pianist, musical director, orchestrator, or producer, Rosino has worked alongside some of the most prominent artists in the Hispanic arena.  Film music is also one of the areas of great professional interest for Rosino. Between short and long, he has so far composed the music for 29 films. Additionally, Rosino has composed music for a significant number of dance, theater and multimedia shows, as well as concert works. Learn more about Rosino and check out his videos on his website at

Rosino has commented about his interest in composing for our new Opera; "Now, I am very honored and excited about having been officially commissioned to compose the music for On the Road to Arivaca, a chamber opera for four characters and a children’s chorus.

Several musical languages will coexist in this work, ranging from modal contemplative moments infused of medieval plainchant, contrasting with the radical sound of East LA punk, along with either tonal, atonal or textural gestures, always striving for a strong emotional impact in line with the profoundness of the story."

We are very pleased to have Rosino on our team to lead this important project that addresses a burning social issue in a humanizing way.


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