Afghan Women’s Portraits:
In Our Own Voices

Alliance for New Music-Theatre announces a new initiative, Phase II of its Afghan Women’s Project and multi-year partnership with the Embassy of Afghanistan. Because of the recent announcements of the US withdrawal, making many people in Afghanistan extremely vulnerable and threatening to eclipse altogether female voices in any precarious peace transition, Alliance wants to maintain its support of women’s voices. We have invited Afghan filmmaker Airoshkh, whose short documentary  “Look Who’s Driving Now” won international acclaim, to collaborate on a series of initial video portraits to help further the story of the ongoing resiliency of Afghan women as cultural keepers and art-makers. Through this Phase II series, Alliance will produce 6-8 short video portraits, initially featuring women living in the Afghanistan’s diaspora. These portraits will serve as glimpses into the music, poetry, calligraphy, dance, visual arts, and costume/fashion design  -- a rich culture which is  already endangered and at risk of being further destroyed --  but we hope to feature and help sustain in the culminating production Women of Troy: Voices from Afghanistan.

The aim of Alliance’s portraits is to give voice to ordinary Afghan women and show their lives as extraordinary – artists, educators, and stewards of Afghanistan’s rich cultural past. Ambassador Roya Rahmani commented: “There is no more important time to feature the women of Afghanistan, highlighting the positivity of their contributions and making essential women’s role in lighting the way.”

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