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Floral Arrangements

Alliance for New Music-Theatre is proud to present a short "Pocket Opera" in celebration of the Spanish Steps

Thursday, March 16 at 6:15 pm sharp.  

It is a very short opera - so blink and you will miss it!

The work will be performed on the Spanish Steps on 22nd St. NW between Decatur Pl and S. St.

Please assemble at the foot of the steps.

The public presentation is free, but donations to the Spanish Steps Foundation are welcome.  Email to


Constructed on a steep slope in the Kalorama neighborhood, the steps were intended to provide a pedestrian link between S Street and Decatur Place on a route thought too steep for vehicles. It is the only Washington public park that occupies a street.

The broad concrete staircase has four levels. Twin balustrade-lined steps curve around an oval-shaped basin containing a lion-head fountain before connecting to a broad brick terrace on S Street. The entire area is lined with a mix of magnolias, eastern red cedars, oaks, and other flowering trees.


The steps are listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing feature in the Sheridan-Kalorama Historic District.

In recent years the Spanish Steps Foundation and local neighbors planted hundreds of DAFFODILS along the steps that are in glorious bloom each spring. 

Featuring John Boulanger                                           and Sheri Jackson                                and accompanied by Andrew Simpson.

John Boulanger.jpg

Singer, actor, chorister, translator, and church musician and just about everything in between that can possibly be performed. Whatever the musical genre, John believes communication is the ultimate goal.


A native of DC and member of the New Music-Theatre Creative Support Team, Sheri currently is a soloist at the National Presbyterian Church in Washington DC and sings with various organizations throughout the US.


Acclaimed composer of opera, silent film, orchestral, chamber, choral, dance, and vocal music. His works make multi-faceted, connections with literature, visual art, and film.

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This work was written by Alva Henderson

and commissioned by Robert Darling,

Robert is a Founding Member of Alliance for New Music -Theatre, Freelance Designer and Director of Opera and Dance

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