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“Restoration, Migrations and Refugees”
Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Community Engagement at our Core
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So What' New?

Alliance for New Music-Theatre has joined with Mt. Zion - Female Union Band Society Historic Memorial Park, Inc., Mt Zion and Dumbarton United Methodist Churches to develop an original work of music-theatre, bringing to light some of the complex and little known history of Black Georgetown through stories of “residents” of the adjacent cemeteries (Mt Zion and Female Union Band Society.)


Read more about this project HERE.

VOZ Performance Poster with Images.png

Dates and Tickets:


Final performances on 

Monday, May 30 at 2 pm

at  Dumbarton UMC

3133 Dumbarton St. NW

Tickets HERE

On the Road to Arivaca


Award-winning composer Rosino Serrano from Mexico City and renowned director José Luis Valenzuela have joined Alliance team to create an original bi-lingual chamber opera that portrays the plight of Central American refugees on our southern border. In a story about unintended encounters, the work asks us to consider what difficult choices we face when we consider these refugees as fellow human beings.

The opera will also feature a Youth Chorus de la comunidad, with weekly classes. The work will premiere late spring 2023 in Washington, D.C.

Read more about this project HERE.

Registration form for Youth Chorus also available HERE.

Afghan Women’s Portraits: In Our Own Voices


Alliance for New Music-Theatre announces a new initiative of its Afghan Women’s Project in which we will produce 6-8 short video portraits, initially featuring women living in the Afghanistan’s diaspora, that will serve as glimpses into the music, poetry, calligraphy, dance, visual arts, and costume/fashion design  -- a rich culture which is  already endangered and at risk of being further destroyed --  but we hope to feature and help sustain in the culminating production Women of Troy: Voices from Afghanistan.

Read more about this project HERE.

"A glorious score and lovely voices raise the dead in ‘Voices of Zion’ " 

“The music manages to evoke the feelings of being haunted, both by spirits awakened in the cemeteries, and by memories of a past that won’t be neatly buried and forgotten.”                - DC METRO Theater Arts  -  Full Review HERE

This is what Washington City Paper is saying about Voices of Zion:


In Voices of Zion: The Black Georgetown Cemeteries Project, a theatrical performance combining opera, musical, and church gospel by Alliance for New Music-Theatre, artistic director Susan Galbraith challenges viewers to “dig deeper” to uncover the lives of Washingtonian ancestors

And for our outstanding performers:     “dynamic Djob Lyons”        “vibrant soprano Ayana Ogunsunlade”

“the cool Roz White [as Mary Burrell] lights up the shadows in the reimagined church theater. her diction, clear as church bells”

Sheri Jackson and Cara Schaefer - their strong voices push themes of empowerment…”

“the Female Union Band Society chorus (Bernie Alston, Pamela Carter-Coleman, Ayanna Hardy, Yvette Spears, Patrice Underwood, and Jacquelyn Vaughan) are a sighing, stomping, supportive bunch. They bring flair, hype, and voice to heighten community songs.”

And, as for the creative team:

Ronald (Trey)Walton III, with lyrics by Jarrod Lee, and directed by the iconic cross-genre composer, arranger, and musician Evelyn Simpson Curenton, the musical arrangements string together memory and loss as major motifs… the memory of Black Georgetown is most honestly conveyed through the music.”

Read the whole review HERE

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so that cultural diplomacy will thrive.

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Ronald "Trey" Walton

Walton is our Composer for our new chamber Opera Voices of Zion that will Premiere in a special preview showcase on April 16 with immersive performances in May. 


The Black Georgetown Cemeteries Project


The work aims to give voice to the long-overlooked historic Black community and key figures, many of whom are buried in the Mt Zion - Female Union Band cemeteries

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Live & About
2022 SPRING Season

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of our “Live & About” series and will be providing theSpring schedule shortly.  We would love to have you be part of this community. Read more to find out how.