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“Caesar and the Mannequin”

 Based on Man Rays’ Shakespearean Equations: Julius Caesar


Shoot down the rabbit hole to the surreal world of artist Man Ray in an operatic invention featuring a narcissistic lead. The Phillips Collection has provided in Man Ray a natural catalyst for rich exploration of the theater of words and characters of William Shakespeare seen through the lens of surrealism. This is the illogical world where the mathematical equation shows us 2+2=22.

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In 2020, in the midst of the Pandemic, Alliance for New Music-Theatre commissioned a series of six short works of music-theatre, responding to six works of art featured in The Phillips Collection in celebration of  their Centennial year.


Read more about this project and view the other videos for Short Gems HERE.

Our New Season of Digital and Original Works
“Refugees, Migrations, and Restoration”
Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Community Engagement at our Core

In this time of regrouping, when there are more questions than answers about what lies ahead - we are nonetheless committed to partnerships, conversations, and explorations that will bring us together and to search out the words to tell urgently needed stories and create music that breaks open hearts. Read more about who we are and what we do HERE. We are planning a season of virtual and live performances as we move forward.

So What' New?

On the Road to Arivaca


Award-winning composer Rosino Serrano from Mexico City and renowned director José Luis Valenzuela have joined Alliance team to create an original bi-lingual chamber opera that portrays the plight of Central American refugees on our southern border. In a story about unintended encounters, the work asks us to consider what difficult choices we face when we consider these refugees as fellow human beings.


The opera will also feature a Youth Chorus de la comunidad, with classes launching in September 2021. The work will premiere late spring 2022 in Washington, D.C.


Read more about this project HERE.

Registration form for Youth Chorus also available HERE.

Short Gems


In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Alliance for New Music-Theatre put together six teams of composers and librettists and commissioned a series of musical-theatre “Short Gems” to afford work to artists and to celebrate the centennial of America’s first museum of modern art. Alliance asked each artistic team to respond to a work of visual art that would showcase both the diversity and strengths of The Phillips Collection as well as these artists. Each "Short Gem" also resonated with the events and conversations our nation was having in the tumultuous year.

Read more about this project and view the other videos  HERE.

The Black Georgetown Cemeteries Project


Alliance for New Music-Theatre has responded to the invitation and joined with Mt Zion Church, Dumbarton United Methodist Church, and Mt. Zion - Female Union Band Society Historic Memorial Park, Inc. to develop an original work of music-theatre, bringing to light some of the complex and little known history of Black Georgetown through stories of the “residents” of the co-joined cemeteries (Mt Zion and Female Union Band Society.)


Read more about this project HERE.

Afghan Women’s Portraits: In Our Own Voices


Alliance for New Music-Theatre announces a new initiative of its Afghan Women’s Project in which we will produce 6-8 short video portraits, initially featuring women living in the Afghanistan’s diaspora, that will serve as glimpses into the music, poetry, calligraphy, dance, visual arts, and costume/fashion design  -- a rich culture which is  already endangered and at risk of being further destroyed --  but we hope to feature and help sustain in the culminating production Women of Troy: Voices from Afghanistan.

Read more about this project HERE.

Your Financial Contribution will ensure that Alliance continues to deliver original works from local artists and support unique international collaborations here in the nation’s capital

so that cultural diplomacy will thrive.

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Currently    Featured


Rosino Serrano

Rosino Serrano is our Composer for our new chamber Opera On the Road to Arivaca that will feature a Youth Chorus de la Comunidad. Rosino has recently been nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards for Best Arrangement.


“Caesar and the Mannequin”

Based on Man Rays’ Shakespearean Equations: Julius Caesar


Read more about this project HERE.

Starting in July, the works will be offered as on-line performances based  on featured artworks in The Phillips Collection for their coming year’s Centennial Exhibition.

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Live & About
2021 Fall Season

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of our “Live & About” series and will be providing the Fall schedule shortly.  We would love to have you be part of this community. Read more to find out how.