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The Road Ahead - A Way Forward

In this time of regrouping, when there are more questions than answers about what lies ahead -- such as when and how we can mount live productions in theaters -- we are nonetheless committed to partnerships, conversations, and explorations that will bring us together and to search out the words to tell urgently needed stories and create music that breaks open hearts.  Read more about who we are and what we do HERE.

So What' New?

On the Road to Arivaca

Award-winning composer Rosino Serrano from Mexico City joins Alliance and a bi-cultural artistic team to create an original chamber opera that humanizes the story of unintended encounters on our southern border. Featuring a Youth Chorus de la Comunidad, the work portrays the plight of Central  American immigrants and the heartbreak of separated families fleeing danger. The piece will be mounted in Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.


Read more about this project HERE.

Short Gems

In collaboration with The Phillips Collection, New Music-Theatre has commissioned a series of six short works of music-theatre, responding to six artists featured in the museum. Designed as film works, these “Short Gems” will be rolled out as a “virtual tour” during The Phillips Centennial Celebration in  2021.

Read more about this project HERE.

Check out our promotional piece of the six works HERE and short videos of our first development workshop for the "Rothko" and

 "William Christenberry" Short Gems.

Your Financial Contribution will ensure that Alliance continues to deliver original works from local artists and support unique international collaborations here in the nation’s capital

so that cultural diplomacy will thrive.

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Currently    Featured


Rosino Serrano

Rosino Serrano is our Composer for our new chamber Opera On the Road to Arivaca that will feature a Youth Chorus de la Comunidad. Rosino has recently been nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards for Best Arrangement.


This video is our first workshop for the "Rothko" Short Gem. Starting in January, the works will be offered as on-line performances, paired with a “virtual tour” of featured artworks in The Phillips Collection for their coming year’s Centennial Exhibition.

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Live & About
2020-21 Fall Season

Our 10th season of "Live & About" is on hold due to the Virus after three successful Outings. So, we have officially launched what we’re calling our Live-On-Line & About.  We would love to have you be part of this community. Read more to find out how.